Vintage Hand Hewn Beams


The beams we salvage from homes, barns, and factories were cut over 100 years ago. The wood has dried slowly, releasing most of the inherent moisture. This makes for a very stable beam and reduces the shrinking and twisting that occurs when using contemporary lumber.

"Hand-hewn" is a manual process used by pioneers, where sawmills weren't available, to form tree timbers into structural beams. Farmers would strike timbers with a foot adze or broad axe leaving obvious strike marks on the beam. The trees used to build these structures were normally cut down in the near vicinity of where they were to be used. Today, hand-hewn beams are experiencing the highest demand in the antique wood industry. These beams are usually characterized by mortise joints, checking bolt holes, nail holes, insect tracks and holes. The natural aging process of these timbers produce a warm and unique look.

We offer our beams with a variety of textures including natural face, re-sawn, rough sawn, and S4S.

We can customize these beams to meet any requirements of today's architecture and design.